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Resource Rolodex

Muskoka Lawyers

Andy Tymoszewicz, Thoms & Currie  

6 Main St W, Huntsville, ON
W (705)789-8844
F (705)789-6547

Claire Doughty, Doughty & Doughty

2 Caroline St E, Huntsville, ON




Chris Watson, Lang & Watson

106 Main Street E, Huntsville, ON
W (705)789-0125
F  (705)789-0784

Ross Bagshaw

133 Hwy 60, Huntsville, ON
W (705)789-9659
F (705)789-8547

Landscape & Design

Brown Landscape & Design
W (705) 783-9000

DB Maw Landscaping
W (705)788-1283

Strano Construction
W (705)788-4839

Home Inspectors

Paul Studholme, CHI, Energy Advisor
W (647)280-1865

Top to Bottom Inspections, Steve Bowman


BSC Home Inspection Services, Bill Dickie

Mortgage Services

RBC Royal Bank, Halley Clover
W (705)788-7013
F (705)788-7019

Upper Canada Funding, Lynn Betts

W (905)432-0159

RBC Royal Bank, Cheryl Pecore-Malone
Commercial Financial Services
W (705)788-7017
F (705) 788-7015

Cottage Country Mortgage

Jennifer Koop and Susan Bloom


Property Management

HANA Property Services