Amy Marshall of Marshall Well Drilling

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Meet Amy Lee Marshall of Marshall Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling & Submersible Pump Installation

Emsdale, Ontario

What is the greatest joy you get from owning your business?

My greatest joy is that I have strived to maintain a reputable business in the Water Well Drilling industry that is primarily a “mans” world. I have maintained my morals and worked hard to follow my father’s footsteps in providing a necessary service to society, as well as, having the opportunity to provide good jobs for my staff and provide a comfortable lifestyle for my children all on my own terms.

What does being a woman bring to your industry?

I think being a woman in the Water Well Drilling industry shows that women can do anything they put their mind to. It wasn’t always easy but holding your head high and having the confidence to show the customers and staff that I know our work and have worked hard to get to where I am in this company was important. I feel that being a woman has assisted me with customers that have felt intimidated by our trade and the predominately male roles. I provide a sense of trust with customers and provide a “woman’s rationale” side to customer service.

What advice do you have for other women that are thinking of starting up a business?

My advice to other women would be to make a choice of what you want to do in life and if its start your own business, stick with your choice and work hard to achieve it. Women can do anything we put our minds to in any industry. There will be ups & downs but control your mind in the direction of succeeding rather than becoming a hostage to failure. Common sense, work ethic and simply getting out of bed in the morning & getting to it are traits that are necessary to start and succeed in business.