Belinda Clemmensen, Founder of Women's Leadership Intensive

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Meet Belinda Clemmensen, Founder of The Women’s Leadership Intensive

Visionary Leadership Programs for Women

Huntsville ON

 1.   What is the greatest joy you get from owning your business?

"I get to focus on the work that is the best fit for my skills and talents, and that makes a difference in our world.  Perfect combination!"

2.   What does being a woman bring to your industry?

"Part of what makes our leadership development program so unique is that it is built by women, for women.  That’s foundational because we make different assumptions, have different perspectives and different goals, and we lead and learn differently."

3.   What advice do you have for other women that are thinking of starting up a business?

"I have three pieces of advice, be prepared to do the hard work for what you love and believe in. Starting a business will absolutely have its challenges, but if you know that going in and give yourself the time to ramp up, the rewards will come. Surround yourself with a great network of other women who will understand what you’re doing and support you when the going gets tough.  And finally, recognize yourself as a leader.  Anyone who steps up to run a business is leading the way. Leadership is now part of your job!"