Ashli Phippen & Martina Morton of Grow CPA

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Woman Crush Wednesday!
Meet Ashli Phippen & Martina Morton of Grow CPA Huntsville, ON

Grow CPA is a cloud-based accounting firm providing complete services to small businesses. We are both Chartered Professional Accountants with a combined 25 years of experience. We provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services, coupled with timely reporting, coaching and consulting so that our clients know their numbers and can confidently lead their business.

  1. What is the greatest joy you get from owning your business?

“Growing an idea into a flourishing business has been very rewarding. But, so far, the greatest joy is the feedback we've been receiving when we solve a client's frustration with their current accounting systems by delivering them a solution that gives them back time and knowledge to lead their business better. We love our trade and love, even more, being able to share it with others.”

2. What does being women bring to your industry?

“Along our journey of starting our business, we have been inspired by many female leaders in our profession and in our community. As women, we feel we can provide a deep level of empathy and understanding to our client's needs, whether that be by eliminating the worry associated with their business finances or helping them understand their numbers to lead and grow their business.

Accounting is historically a male-dominated profession but we've both been fortunate to have careers where our gender didn't provide limitations on our opportunities and success.  As business owners and community members, we're looking forward to continuing to support women in business.”

3. What advice do you have for other women that are thinking of starting up a business?

Our advice for women thinking of starting a business is to start by putting that dream on paper by creating a business plan. If the numbers don't work at first then get creative and resourceful and continue to modify your business plan until they do.  Get inspired and learn all you can from books, podcasts, local business support resources and even other thriving businesses in your space.

Most importantly though, be vulnerable. You can't create a business without being willing to put yourself out there and that can be uncomfortable. You will stumble and make mistakes but with that comes rewards and ultimately the dream will be worth it.