Dezarae Aldridge-Earl of Dental Hygiene with Dezarae

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Meet Dezarae Aldridge-Earl

Dental Hygiene with Dezarae - 7 Cann St. Huntsville, ON

What is the greatest joy you get from owning your business?

Helping others to improve the quality of their life. Making a difference in my community and the dental community. Seeing something I’ve created grow before my very eyes and when you actually stop to breathe and pause, you can appreciate how far you’ve personally and professionally grown.

There are many examples, it's too hard to just pick one. I’ve been blessed and given the opportunity to connect with so many individuals since opening Muskoka’s first storefront independent dental hygiene clinic.

Being a part of and changing history in how the delivery of preventative dentistry is offered. I’m educating and bringing awareness to the Muskoka market, informing them that the public can access a dental hygienist separate from their dentist.

It’s very humbling to be told that you have helped inspire other local female entrepreneurs to begin their journey as a women in business. I’ve been able to literally give women back their smile and joy to smile again through volunteering my time with “Gift From The Heart” the past three years. GFTH is a National one day event that offers FREE dental care to those that otherwise financially would not be able to access the care.

I’ve been able to help community members integrate back into regular dental care after years of not accessing a dental provider due to dental anxiety.

Being able to offer an annual graduating award to a local female student that has helped to improve the lives of those in her community. “The Dental Hygiene with Dezarae Brilliance Award.”

Also, teaching local school children the importance of oral health throughout the school year at all local public schools.”

What does being a woman bring to your industry?

There are nearly 30,000 registered dental hygienists across Canada, with only approximanntsville, there are approx. 11+ dental offices, of those, only 2 are owner/operated by a female (not including denture clinics or me). Locally we are in a male dominated owner industry, which has not come without heartache, stress and personal sacrifice.

Most offices are very accommodating and accepting of our services and the concept of client sharing.

Being a female owner/operator of a dental office in our area, gives our community the choice to receiving preventative dental care in a less invasive and more calming environment. Females generally have more empathy and compassion for humans, especially those with dental anxiety. Therefore, I believe it can make going to a dental appointment more enjoyable and pleasant because we too are moms and have children. A dental visit CAN be more fun and comforting when you can build that strong bond of trust with your primary dental care provider.

What advice do you have for other women that are thinking of starting up a business?

DO NOT let fear take control. Know that on the other side of fear, is your true potential. It won’t be easy, but extreme hard work and obsession towards your goals, will allow you to achieve greatness in your life. Learn from your failures, they will help guide you on your entrepreneur journey. Don’t live with regrets and be willing to take risks. Never give up on yourself, YOU are worth it.